Leading the Church to the New Web3 Frontier

Transparent Donations

Transparent Donations

Offerings and donations will become completely traceable with blockchain technology.

Empowered Missionaries

Empowered Missionaries

Churches and philanthropists will be able to support missionaries from different parts of the globe.

Accessible Contents

Accessible Contents

Members of partner churches will grow more in faith through sermons, podcasts, and worship videos.

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Equipping the Church With Modern Technology

Bible Chain is a blockchain ecosystem that connects churches, missionaries, philanthropists, and relevant non-government organizations. We aim to foster a thriving global community of believers from every Christian denomination and organization based on trust and accountability.

It is our vision to enhance how every Christian group and charity institution conduct their usual church activities by providing a transparent donation fund system, facilitating borderless transfers to missionaries in different countries, equipping them to create their crypto tokens, and more.

Bible Chain DApp Features

For All Christian Churches of Today

We are offering a suite of features that will help every Christian group to capitalize on the latest technology to enhance their faith.

Donations & Social

Bible Chain is an online donation application, a P2P transfer service, and a social messaging platform rolled into one.

Bible Translations

Bible Chain has an audio feature for reading and translation of the Bible and well-loved hymns into other languages.

Gospel NFT Minting

Users will be able to mint their own NFTs from sermon videos, praise and worship songs, podcasts, paintings, and sacred objects.

Crypto Token Creation

Once the Bible Chain mainnet has launched, partner churches will be empowered to create their own cryptocurrency tokens.

Bible Chain DApp Technology

Web3 Ecosystem for Every Christian

The Bible Chain mainnet and Bible Chain DApp will allow any Christian group to mint their own tokens. This will enable them to receive donations using their own tokens, obtain payments for selling Gospel NFTs, and crowdfund the charity initiatives of their missionaries.

We will also invite these Christian churches to take part in our Bible Chain mainnet as block producers, validator nodes, and more. As they contribute to the overall Bible Chain network, we aim to provide holistic backend support to our partnered churches’ Web3 aspirations.

  • Total Bible Chain DApp integration using five-layer blockchain-to-UI architecture
  • Fully-enabled token minting system using smart contracts on Bible Chain mainnet
  • Optimum network scalability using Bible Chain’s own DDPoS blockchain framework
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Our Cryptocurrency

Bible Coin (BIBL)

BIBL is the native governance and utility asset of our ecosystem.

Total Supply


Total Supply

Token Standard


Token Standard

DApp Transfer Fee


DApp Transfer Fee

Our Exchanges

Bible Coin (BIBL) on Several Exchanges

BIBL is currently listed on reputed crypto exchanges. New listings will be posted soon.

Nikolay, CEO and CTO of Bible Chain, supervises a team of young and competent blockchain and app developers. His work also includes collaborating with companies and institutions in Asia and the rest of the world to bring reliable Web3 solutions to modern believers.

Alina's responsibility goes beyond her position as the CMO of Bible Chain. A devoted Christian since birth, Alina has been a regular churchgoer and a staunch supporter of missionary work. She is also affiliated with various religious and charity organizations.